October 22, 2014

Wednesday's Word-"Hand Writing On The Wall"

Hand Writing on the Wall
Daniel 5:1, 4-6, 22-31

Show of hands...how many of us have at one point or another, put something ahead of God (Giving some of you time to think)? Now, be honest with yourselves...it's okay. I know we would like to think that we haven't...but we have at some point. Let me help you out...have you missed church for another function? What about neglecting Bible Study for a show on TV or a night out with some people? Maybe just the "I don't feel like going today" but go and wash the car or mow the lawn? Did I get everyone yet? Basically, we all have done it one time or another. 

Belshazzar took it a couple of steps further. Here is a second generation king. His father Nebuchadnezzar's pride was harden that he went crazy (verses 18-21). Now, instead of seeing and understanding what his father went through, Belshazzar took it to another level. He decided to have a party and take material things out of the temple to worship. Not only that, but invited everyone to follow his lead. Please don't let someone take you down the wrong path. While this is going on, the king sees a hand writing on the wall. I bet you he thought he had too much to drink. To see a human hand...just a hand, write? It scared him so, he didn't feel or act the same at the party since seeing that. He didn't know what it meant, his magicians and soothsayers couldn't comprehend; so he ended up talking with Daniel about the writing. Daniel told him that, his reign as king is over, and that he was a little off on the scales. The things he could have done, he didn't. Finally, Daniel told him that everything he valued (his kingdom) would be divided up between his enemies.

Points to Remember:
1 Stop praising unworthy things-why put your trust in something that can see, feel, hear, etc. you? God has the whole world in his hands and deserves and demands respect. Exodus 20:3, "Thou shall have no other gods before me" Praise the One that gave you the gifts, not the gifts.

2 Your attitude can predict your outcome- Humble yourself before God. He has given you all that you need. Don't think you are too high and mighty that you won't lose it. He wants us to be good stewards over our gifts. God, the giver can be God, the taker…watch your attitude

3 Don't let judgment come too soon, repent- Don't let your scale come up wanting. Meaning, do more with what you have. Understand that we are charged to do the will of God. Everyone has a specific task for the upkeep of the kingdom. Don't get so mighty that He can't use you. Don't let your spoils be given to someone else because you were "too good to do that". 

Judgment is coming for us all, one day. Will you be in good standings or will you come up short? Be careful of the hand writing on the wall.

Copyright 2014 Dwayne T. Moore @dtm_ministries
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October 21, 2014

Tuesday's Word-"Forget The Old Me"

Forget the Old Me
Mark 6:1-6

"You talking about Rod…man, isn't that Mary's boy…what does he know about…"

"You said who is preaching? Isn't that James' boy? No way…I remember him…"

"You know George's son is a doctor now? He used to get into so much…"

There are a couple of social sites the you can catch up with some family members, old friends, and classmates. Facebook, Twitter, etc. can put you in contact with people in a matter of seconds. Some will remember you for your antics as a youngster; other will remember your character or the people you were hanging with. Yet some, as with family members, will remember you by your parents and/or siblings. As you look at them now, compared to what they were, you will be amazed at what your friends are doing and where life has taken them. Some you would expect to be where they are and others, let's face it, you would have NEVER thought they would be at the point they are in life. We look at them and say, "you are doing WHAT?!?!" So were the sentiments of these people in this passage.

Jesus had just left the country of the Gardarenes where he cast out a legion of demons (Mark 5:1-15) and on the way to heal Jairus' daughter, healed a woman with a blood issue (Mark 5:22-43) and now He has decided to go home. What a joy to go home; all of the love that is expected. You get a chance to see old friends, reminiscence on some past times and just enjoy good company. Not only that, but you bring some of your "new" close friends home to show off the love you will receive. Well, imagine going home and there is no love…the people that knew you, have now turned their nose up to you. The love that you once experienced is now discord. He goes to the synagogue to teach and the people there look at Him in amazement. But this was not the amazement of the proud city to see the native son return with good intentions; this was the amazement of "how does He know all of this and how can He do the things he does…isn't He the carpenter" (vs 2-3). Jesus then says (paraphrased) a prophet will not be welcomed in his own land nor do marvelous things unless he lays hands on the sick and heal them (vs 4-5).

No matter what we do in life, we will be remembered by someone, something, or some place. Be it a parent, sibling, family member or friend; someone will connect us through something. Although they remember the connection, it naturally has a positive or negative spin on what they remembered and it will not change no matter how old you get. However, when you return home, you want to be received warmly. You don't know what life changes have brought to this person to make them see the world differently. Paul was one who persecuted saints, but was changed and became one of the chief authors of the New Testament. Imagine him going home and saying he is not the same person. 

 Points to Remember:
1. Everyone changes- no matter for the good or bad; change is going to happen in your life. 
2. Don't hold on to the "old person"- Let that rascal go. Had Jesus held on to the old person, would the woman caught in adultery been saved? Even better, if someone held on to the old you, what picture would they paint now?
3. Don't be so closed minded- Look at what the people missed out on because of their unbelief…how many blessings/miracles could have been done in His hometown had they not remembered Him as the carpenter? It was so bad, Jesus taught AROUND the city (v 6). 

I know some of you are saying, "who is he to tell us this…I remember him, he used to do…he used to go…now he is doing what...Isn't that what's his name son…what's her name's brother…doesn't he work for…".  Im not saying I am a prophet, but don't miss out on your blessings because you are seeing the old me.

Copyright 2014 Dwayne T. Moore @dtm_ministries
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October 20, 2014

Monday's Word-"Who's Encouraging Me"

Who's Encouraging Me?

I Samuel 30:1-8, 17
Key verse I Sam. 30:6

While riding one day I began to think of things that were going on in this world and thought about a Shirley Caesar song.  The song was about a woman who was on the verge of giving up, she said that before she would give up she was going to talk to the Lord.  As she began to think and tell the Lord about the different times He had made a way for her, before long she got up and said she was not going to give up.  I begin to think about the people that I converse with about life's situations, about not being where they want to be, not getting along with family or friends, etc., and how I offer words of encouragement.  Then I thought to myself, "I encourage a lot of people, but who is encouraging me?"  It's good to have people come to you with concerns or situations about life and it's even better when you can offer God's solutions.  But when it's your time to get "the Word", where are the people you gave it to?  Where is your encouragement?

David had been helping his people for a long time.  Earlier, he fought and killed Goliath (I Samuel 17:48,49), and defeated the Philistines (I Sam. 23:1-5), among other things.  At this time in the passage, David was living with the Philistines (the same people he defeated) in a city called Ziklag, given to him by Achish (I Sam. 27:1-6).  When the Philistines were plotting war with the Israelites, they didn't want their "new found friend", David, to join them and requested that he not be a part of the war.  The Philistines wanted him to leave their camp and return to Ziklag (I Sam. 29).  While on the third day of his journey home, the Amalekites invaded the city of Ziklag and burned it down taking all women and children as prisoners (I Sam. 30:1,2).  Can you imagine coming home from a long journey to find your city burned down and your family gone?  The men had lost everything…EVERYTHING they loved and owned, because of an attack on a defense-less city.  The men with David showed three actions usually associated with devastation.  The first is weeping.  Their wives, children, land, cattle, etc. was gone.  They had nothing to come home to…not even a home!!!  The men, "wept until they had no more power to weep," (Sam. 30:4).  The second was anger.  They were upset that someone had done this, especially, when they were not home, which brings up the third action, blame.  The men blamed David for what happened to their homes.  "If we were here, we would still have a home, wife, kids, etc."  They blamed David so much that they were talking about killing him (I Sam. 30:6).  I can hear David now, "after everything I've done for these people, everything I've said, they want to kill me.  I've done this and that, encouraged them but now they want to turn on me?"  But after David contemplated with things that were happening around him, the Bible says he "encouraged himself in the Lord his God," (I Sam. 30:6).  ENCOURAGED HIMSELF!!!

David wrote in Psalms 27:14, "Wait on the Lord:  be of good courage (that is "be encouraged"), and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord."  Sometimes, you can't get an encouraging word from anyone.  Everyone wants to give you his or her solution to your problem.  But if you be of GOOD COURAGE.  If you look to your left and see problems, you then look to your right and see trial and tribulations.  You look in front and see this mountain in front to you, and you want to give up.  Turn around and take a view of the mountaintop that you're on.  In other words, steal away for some quiet time and meditate on the places you were in and encourage yourself.  Think of the situations you were in and encourage yourself.  Think of the accidents and the sickness, think of the near misses and encourage yourself.  Instead of asking, "Who's encouraging me?"  I will now encourage myself…will join me?

Copyright 2014 Dwayne T. Moore @dtm_ministries
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October 17, 2014

Friday's Word-"A New Thing"

A New Thing
Isaiah 43:18-19

18 Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. 
19 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

There have been some things that we seem to hold on to. No matter how we try to shake them, we can't seem to get away from them. Whether it be old feelings, old memories, old places or even old friends; things that tie us to our past and that hinder our future. I know what you are saying, "I don't have that problem…I don't let things bother me", well, I'm here to serve notice that what you are thinking is one of the biggest lies you can tell yourself. I used to tell myself that things didn't bother me until something similar to the thing that bothered me would shut me down. Remembering some things can bring joy, and there is nothing wrong with that; but some things can take you to a place that you thought you had forgotten about. More importantly, it can take you from the place of prosperity.

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.
When we understand that the past IS the past, we can move towards the future. So many of us are stuck on things that bothered, hurt, confused (place your word in there) us in the past that it has messed up our present and will destroy our future. When we release our past, we are inviting the blessings to flow, grace to abide and God to work in our lives. "Remember ye not…neither consider…" in other words, "LET IT GO!!!" I guarantee you the person that hurt you 10, 20, 30 years ago doesn't lose sleep over what happened AND even apologized to you. Why are you still reliving it? Yes, you have gone through a hard time…yes, your divorce was the worst…yes, they made your life a living hell…yes, the coach didn't like you and held some things against you…yes, the promoter ran off with the money…SO WHAT!!! Forget that mess…it's not going to come back. You will not get a "do-over" or you can't erase it; but you can move past it. If you were walking up a steep hill and you COULD get rid of the weight that you were holding on to, would you carry it up the hill with you? I would think not…you would cut that sucker so quick…why not do it with your life? Someone is squandering an opportunity because they are holding on to feelings from old. Someone can't move forward because they are over an issue, but God wants you to leave it in the past. Isaiah 43:25 says, "I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins". How can you hold on to something and HE has forgotten it?

Behold, I will do a new thing.
The next verse starts with a transition. After He has told you to forget the old stuff, He says to "behold". I want you to behold, observe, take a view, see…WATCH what I do. I WILL do something brand new; something you have never thought about, something beyond your wildest dreams. What do you mean beyond my wildest dreams…well you tell me; have you ever seen a river in the desert? I didn't think so. We have to also understand that we can't limit God. I know, I know…you are thinking that you are not limiting Him; well, let's look at something. He has given us all a measure of faith and has even stated that with mustard seed faith we can move mountains…have you moved your mountain yet? Have you even moved a stone? Here is a NEW thing…that will spring forth . Something so good that it will make a way out of no way, it will make water in dry places, it will make plans and complete them. All that hell you went through in the past, will be compensated by the new thing, all the issues you had with him, will be over with the new thing, all the circumstances with the contract will be done with the new thing. They will not be able to understand what is going on, they will look at you sideways and say, "I know they shouldn't be smiling", all because of the new thing. Look at this in the process of forgiveness; when you are able to forgive, you are forgetting the former things. You have accepted the wrong and by the new thing, you are moving passed them. Philippians 3:13-14 says, "Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind (this is remembering not…neither consider), and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark (this is the new thing) for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Copyright 2014 Dwayne T. Moore
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October 16, 2014

Thursday's Word-"Everybody Can't Go"

Everybody Can't Go
Judges 7

Have you ever had something that you wanted to do? You had it all planned out: the way it was going to happen, what you wanted to accomplish, the pros and cons, etc.; you even had the people you wanted to include in the idea. Then something happened…the people you wanted, didn't see what you wanted to do and rained on your parade. They didn't want to be a part of your movement for one reason or another. Maybe you have had some that wanted to be a part, but didn't fit the description or maybe just too many people for God to get the glory. When there is a vision or a charge for you to do, God doesn't need a big number of people to make the dream a reality. 

First thing to know about your vision is God can't use coward soldiers. Being afraid is the biggest reason why most of us are not at the fullest potential or haven't obtained the things God has for us. Gideon was told that he would defeat the Midianites, but he had too many people. He was given the charge to tell everyone that is afraid to leave in the morning (vs. 2-3). Over half of the people Gideon had on the mount left (from twenty-two thousand to ten thousand). You don't want to go into a fight and find out that the people you thought had your back are nowhere to be found. They have your back…WAY BACK. Be sure you have some strong people around you when you are about to go to battle. 

Second thing, God needs people that will be for the cause; people that he can use to get the job done. With 10,000 people, Gideon still had too many people. God told him to bring them to the water and He will separate them there. Now, as they went down to the water, most of the men bent down on their knees to drink while a few drank (lapped) like a dog. Gideon was told that by the men that drank like a dog (300 men); these are the ones that will fight (vs. 4-7). Some people will be ready for the fight, but may have the wrong intentions or just will not fit into God's scheme. While they are strong and can help, they are there to get glory for themselves or just to be plain nosey. They don't mind getting dirty, but they want to reap the benefits for being the originator of your vision.  Some ask, what is the significance of lapping like a dog or why these men? In battle, you don't want to put down your weapon. If you do and can't recover it, it's likely you will not make it through the battle. The men that drank like a dog had their weapon in hand and would be prepared at a moment's notice.  So now, the number is down from 10,000 to 300. The 300 would be ready at all times to accomplish the work. Make sure the people you have are like minded to accomplish the work set before you.

Last thing, God needs you to trust Him at his word and will give you confirmation. After sending the other 9,700 people home, God came to Gideon that night and said that He will deliver them to his hands (vs. 9). Put yourself in Gideon's shoes: here you are with 22,000 people and God says no…too big, send the scared ones home. Now you have 10,000 people and God says, nope…still too big; I need some that will hold on to the goal and not lose it. Send the ones that will put it down, home. Now you are down to 300 people and God says, yes…I will use them. C'mon God…are you serious??? Although Gideon believed that God would deliver, he was still a little shaky with what He was doing. So, God told him to go to the enemies' camp, take your servant and listen to what they say (vs. 10-11). God gave him confirmation with a witness and by the words of his enemies (vs. 12-15). Even when it seems like you are alone in your vision, you are not alone, He will have someone to confirm the very thing to or with you. It may seem hard or you don't have the necessary equipment, people, etc. to fight, but trust in God.

Believe me, I know you want everyone to be a part of something that you like. You have family that you want to pull up with you in this race we call life. The vision has been made plain to you…you try to tell someone but they can't grasp it. Be it as it may, you have to realize that some, or most, people won't see the vision you have received from God.  Don't let anyone stop you from accomplishing what God has set before you. Although you want everyone to make it, everybody can't go.

Copyright 2014 Dwayne T. Moore
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