October 31, 2014

Friday's Word-"Nothing"

Romans 8:35-39

35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? 
36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. 
37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. 
38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, 
39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord

God loves you…period.

Imagine going through life loving someone. You have been in love with this person all your life…or at least since you could remember. You have professed your love over and over and over again. While you have been in love with them, they have been falling in and out of love with you. You have walked away a few times and have given them the silent treatment for a while, but the love you have for them keeps bringing you back. They have cheated on you, stolen from you, lied to you time and time again. They have even taken your words and twisted them around to fit what they have wanted…and you still have their best interest at heart. Why would someone do another person like that; how could the other person have so much love for the person?

No matter what you have done, are doing and will do…He love you. In trouble, problems everywhere, no food, no clothes and all alone…He loves you. So, if He loves us through all of these things, why can we love Him? Paul writes that HE is persuaded that whatever comes his way…whether living or dying, full as a tick or hungry, whether on top of the world or as low as the ground, none of those things will come between us and God's love. Now Paul had to go through some things to make that statement, but he really believed that no matter what comes, God loved us so much to give His Son. Through all of those things, he writes that we are conquerors...we can overcome any of the worldly things IF we trust and love God. What can stop God's love for us…NOTHING.

EXPORT my pain
IMPORT Your joy
TRANSPORT my cares
DEPORT my will

Copyright 2014 Dwayne T. Moore
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October 30, 2014

Thursday's Word-"Jesus Is A Love Song"

Jesus Is A Love Song
John 10:10-11

"10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. 
11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep."

A love song...something that can make you feel a certain way. It speaks to you in volumes...when you hear that song, you know exactly where you were and what you were doing at the first time you heard it. That song, you can listen to over and over and it will never grow old. When it comes on, you feel something move and it takes you back to that place. A love song...just like a perfect relationship. It takes you on a ride...the highs and lows, twist and turns until finally you at the place of peace. It is the perfect verse over the perfect beat, the right melody over a piano and sax, the right ad lib at the right time...A LOVE SONG. A song that prophetically speaks to your present and sometimes your future. It brings a smile to your face even when you just think about it. Some of you reading right now are thinking about that love song...that slow jam, that groove thing...yes, a silly love song. The song gives you wings to soar over your problems, breathes life into your situation and sometimes communicates the very thing you want to tell a person. 

I want to let you know that Jesus is that love song. He has or the love song has the attributes of the Savior. He makes you feel a certain way. When He comes in, you feel something move and it takes you back to that place. You are not the same when Jesus is in the place. When you first had a conversation and confrontation with Him, you knew exactly where you met and found Him. For me, it was August 26, 1988 approximately 8:57PM at a church call New Hope AME Church. His conversation never gets old and although the relationship is not perfect; we have experienced highs and lows but all by me, not Him. But I have now found peace in Him. His verses and music are tight and He has prophetically spoken into all our lives. While He speaks, the words captivate the audience ear and touch the heart that people believe in Him. When you think of Him, it brings a smile to your face. Although, He will tell you what to say at times, He has given you instructions for everyday life.

He said "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep". What is a love song...giving up your life so that others can HAVE life. Not only have it, but have it more freely. Just like the love song Jesus is.

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October 29, 2014

Wednesday's Word -"Stop Playing Church"

Stop Playing Church
Matthew 7:21-23

[21] Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
[22] Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
[23] And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

In this day and age the church has come under attack seems more than ever. We have had leaders fall for personal gain, their own demons, or the problems of this world. Although these things happen, it has brought us to a point to realize our leaders are human (and not to pass judgment) it has also uncovered that some have been playing church. But it does not stop with them, the leaders, but has flooded the pews as well. We need to stop playing church.

Playing church has been something that our parents and grandparents would warn and/or punish us for doing. They knew that the reality, severity and how sacred the Word of God was. It was something that we were not to take lightly, but we didn't care. We were great actors, carrying on just like the preacher we heard Sunday or the deacon we heard pray or even the sister we heard sing and shout. We had the call and response down to a science and without rehearsing, we knew when to jump out of our seats during a series of words. But when grandma came out with the switch, we had to get somewhere because we knew we should not be playing church.

If you look in the churches these days, it seems like some are still in the yard playing. We still see some that are great actors; they know how to shout, when to shout, where to shout, and who to shout with. Some will sing you under the table and drink you under it as well. Some will lay hands on you in church and then meet you home to lay more hands on you. But I tell you, there is a place for all these things. When it comes to the end and the Book of Life will be opened. Some will say "didn't I bring people to you" and He will respond "your heart was far from Me...you were just playing". "Lord, didn't I sing wonderfully for You"; "Yes, you sounded good...but there was no substance. You sang to hear you, not to worship Me...you were playing". "God, didn't my prayers reach the throne room"; "no, your prayers didn't even make the ceiling because you were speaking to make a mockery...YOU WERE PLAYING". 

Right now I ask that you look where you are and make sure you aren't playing church. This is not the time or season to be caught slipping. Don't miss the train because you were getting the glory for God's gift. Be like your cousin or friend that while you were playing church, they were for real and meet Jesus in the process. While you all were playing church, they wanted a true relationship with Jesus. Get it right and stop playing church.

Copyright 2014 Dwayne T. Moore @dtm_ministries
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October 28, 2014

Tuesday's Word-"Love Under New Management"

Love Under New Management
Ezekiel 36:26

26 A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you and heart of flesh.

The song "Love Under New Management" by Mikki Howard was a popular hit in the 80s. It spoke of a woman who had given up on love; she didn't want to fool with it anymore. She said that "experience is a good teacher" and based on that, she had her share of the false sense of love. She had put a wall up and didn't want to have it down. Games that people played were not the ones she wanted to play. Her past "loves" were not on the same page and her heart had a "closed" sign on it. The words go on and say, "You deserve somethin' better," I kept tellin' myself, Just be patient, true love you'll find". That must be a hurting feeling to have your heart played with; to give your all to someone only to find out the love that YOU gave wasn't the same love that was received. The "love" that was there was stifled in growth because it was not love. The pity parties had served their last drink and the crying eyes have squeezed out the last tear. She was now in defense mode. Can't you see her shooting down every smiling face coming her way or assuming something that was not there (some of you are there now).

But one day, my God, one day she found a friend. A friend that she could talk with, someone that could be there and not look for something in return. Someone that could listen and hold her while crying then wipe the tears away. She had found real love…song says, "The closed sign on your door, I had to tear it down. A new world of happiness, Turned me completely around". Family, the frown that was there before has now ascended into a smile. The pep in her step was now back, the sway in the glide has hit stride. Going home wasn't a chore anymore. She goes on to say, "I'm in love under new management. Someone very special came into my life. Nobody, can take his place, He filled my empty space".

When we were sinners, we didn't want to do the will of God. The love that we were experiencing was temporary; falling in and out of love. Nothing seemed to satisfy us, to the point where we couldn't be happy in the present state that we were in. Just looking for love in all the wrong places. Some of us were like leaves in the wind; blowing from person to person and from thing to thing. Yes, things…if we couldn't find it in Jim, we found it in Gucci. If Brenda turned on us, Bacardi was standing right there saying, "come on, I'm here for you". The "love" that we were giving these people or things just didn't pan out. But when we found our friend…Jesus. When we began to talk with Him, we saw he was different from the rest. I don't know about you, but my conversation began to grow with Him. The "closed" sign on my heart was changed; I didn't feel the same. I wanted to spend time with Him. I couldn't wait to get in my quiet place and tell Him what was going on. When I cried, He wiped away the tears. He told me that He wouldn't leave me. No longer was it about people or things, but about Him. The heart of stone that was there from the previous "relationships" was now a heart of love.If you don't know Christ as your Savior, get to know Him. 

If you do know Him, get know Him more. Talk with someone that has experienced the love that He has to offer. Once you have experienced the love of Christ, believe me, you will never be the same. Nobody, can take His place, He will fill your empty space…then you will be in love under new management.

Copyright 2014 Dwayne T. Moore @dtm_ministries
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October 27, 2014

Monday's Word-"It Will Work Out"

It Will Work Out
Genesis 22:1-14

Imagine that you have one child that God has promised you. You and your spouse have waited so long to have a child and this child has brought you so much joy. But one day, God decided to tell you to take your child to a place and on one of the mountains you will offer up your child to Him. How would you handle that situation; would you try to out run God; would you tell Him "no"? Would you try to hide your child or would you simply do what He told you to do?  Abraham at this point made a decision to say to God "yes" and proceeded to go to the place God instructed. When he reached the place with Isaac, his son, they took all the things necessary for the burnt offering. Imagine what was going through Abraham's mind; the very thing God had promised him He wanted to give back to Him. God had promised him a nation of people coming from his seed and now He is taking Isaac back? Oh, how Abraham's heart must have ached to walk up the hill to give up his son. To make matters worse, Isaac said to his father, "Dad…we have the wood and we have the fire for the offering, but where is the offering (paraphrase Gen. 22:7)?" But Abraham said to Isaac, "It will work out" (paraphrase Gen 22:8). By faith (the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen) Abraham believed that God would work this situation out for him. Even down to the last minute, he had faith that God would reveal His plan to him and at that point He (God) sent an angel to stop him. 

So many of us are going through situations right now and it seems that some are down in their spirit. Jesus didn't tell us that things would be easy on this side. He even told us that once He left, the Comforter would be there in His place (John 14:16). We, like Abraham, have to make some decisions; we can do what He said or we can try to outrun God. But if we say "yes" to God, be prepared to go through whatever comes. Be ready to expect the unexpected. Even when the ones closest to us say "what is going on…what are we going to do"; you tell them "it will work out" and keep it moving. Even when you are about to go to the very last you have, it will work out. You have set in motion the words "it will work out" and what that means is "HE will work it out for me". You are saying to the atmosphere that He didn't bring me this far JUST to leave me like this. I have everything that He required of me to bring and by FAITH I know He is going to provide for me. We have to realize that even when things don't look like we are going to get out of the situation, it will work out. You may have to shed some tears along the way, but it will work out. You may lose some sleep, but it will work out. Some things may be taken from you to get your focus, but it will work out. Let God be the Jehovah-Jireh in your life.

Copyright 2014 Dwayne T. Moore @dtm_ministries
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