October 24, 2014

Friday's Word-"Unrestricted Praise"

Unrestricted Praise
Luke 19:37-40

What an effect Jesus can have on people. A rock star before the genre, Jesus would walk into a place and immediately people began to praise Him for the things they have SEEN and what He had done. Even when people tried to block His praises He would be able to get the praise. Be the profound statement that was made is in verse 40...(paraphrasing it) "don't worry about it...if you even did something to the people and they couldn't praise ME, the rocks would begin to praise when they stopped.

God will get the praise out of anything. Why are we sitting back and letting others praise Him for our victory? Someone asked me why do I praise God...I mean, you can't be living such a victorious life or you would be a millionaire. I had to tell them that money isn't everything. I don't have everything that I want, but I have everything that I need. But I had to go a little deeper and tell them that 10 1/2 years ago, I wasn't supposed to be here, 7 years prior, I wasn't supposed to make it out of surgery, 22 years prior, I wasn't making it to the next day. Man had given up on my and had already preached my burial before my last breath. But God had other plans for me; if you can't praise Him for something in your life, give Him praise for mine. Glory to Your Name God. Then the flood gates began to open...I tell you that when I finished, they were praising God for every little thing they had been through. 

It's the unrestricted praise...the praise that you hold nothing back. The praise that you don't care who or what is around...the praise that will make the spark turn into the flame. When we give an unrestricted praise, I tell you that we usher ourselves in the presence of God because it is untamed. It is so radical...you do have to have an order, but you let yourself go. Give God an unrestricted praise today. 

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October 23, 2014

Thursday's Word-"I Give Up"

I Give Up
1 Peter 5:6-7

"I'm sorry…I can't do this anymore…"
She had uttered these words before, but this time is was something different. Maybe it was the look in her was beautiful brown eyes that were now blood-shot red. Maybe it was in the voice that once carried a melodic tone of joy that is now crippled with the stench of disappointment. Maybe it was the decline in her once booming business, the constant bickering with the kids or the non support from their dads. Whatever it is, she has had enough and doesn't want to deal with it.  With all of this going on, she struggled with making ends meet and keeping the kids in their activities. This once happy young lady has now turned in her garment of happiness for a coat of discontentment. 

"All I ever asked for was a little help"
She has cried out time and time again to receive assistance, but to no avail. A proud woman, she doesn't like to take handouts and has hustled this far and didn't see the need to take something. All she wanted was for the men to accept their responsibilities and take care of their seeds. She found one, but he quit his job rather than help with the care of his kid.  The other had remarried and didn't want to have any ties with the kid. While the other had been unfaithful to her and the family, can't do anything due to an accident. Her faith in men and their ability to keep their word had dwindled. She would not let anyone or anything take the place of her kids. "If anyone tried to get close, I will cut them off", she vowed.

"I give up…"
She was told never to give up on anything. Just when you least expect it, God will work it out. "Well, God knows what I am going through.  I have prayed about it and I am giving up." The next day while taking the kids out for dinner, she reconnected with a friend she hadn't seen in years. The two went to school together and were quite an item, but time and space had drawn them apart. She was taken by the young man back in the day and their relationship has always been good. He was a little rough around the edges, but never got over her. While talking, they conversed about their journeys through life and why they were at this point. But when the conversation turned to them, she emphatically told him, she was not ready for a relationship. She had been broken and she needed to be with her right now. He understood and told her that he just wants to be there if she needed him. As time progressed, he would offer to do something she needed and she refused. He asked to take her and the kids out, not going to happen. He asked to take her to the movies…rejection again. 

"Why do you reject me every time I wanted to do something for you." 
"I told you, I don't want a relationship"
"I know that and I'm not trying to have a relationship with you."
"What are you doing then?"
"Just trying to be a blessing to you…you still need to get out every now and then."
"Well, I don't want any of that, I'm giving up on it all."
"Okay, you can, but one day you will say yes."

"In due time…he cares for me"
As the season had transitioned, the young lady had began to do the same thing. The stony exterior and icy comments had now turned into a pleasant being. The conversations were not dry with the salt of displeasure but now flavored with the joy that she once possessed. The things that she had once rejected, now seemed to be second nature for her to say "yes". The kids were getting along and accepted her now "relationship" and her business was now starting to roll again. While sitting with the young fellow, she began to cry. She explained to him that she couldn't understand why he waited or endured all that he went through with her. The pain that she felt was so strong and she didn't want to hurt so she closed up shop. He explained to her that when he said he wanted to bless her, wasn't an act. "I knew that in time, you would see not just me, but God  through me caring for you."

When you proclaim, "I give up", You have said "I can't do it…I'm done…what I tried to do, isn't working. I have exhausted all of MY possibilities".  What it is saying to God is my child has FINALLY given me the ropes to the situation.  Yes, we are taught not to give up and for a great purpose. We shouldn't give up any thing we have started. But there is a different message when you tell God you give up. "Casting" means "to throw, toss, pitch, fling or give". Casting ALL your cares…GIVING ALL YOUR CARES. Family, give up, your problems, give up that relationship, give up those kids. GIVE THEM UP. Let God work it out. You have already humbled yourself. You have been doing what God has said…GIVE UP. Stop trying to make it fit…my God. You can't fit a square peg in a round hole…GIVE UP. Just tell God right now, "I'm casting". God, here you go…I'm casting…that baby boy of mine is cutting up…I'm casting… I'm casting…I'm throwing…I'm flinging…I'm giving. I want you to handle it. God, I Give Up!!! Look at it this way: when you tell someone, "I got it", that means you don't need any help. You can do it all yourself. Essentially, when we take on a problem, we are telling God, "I got it". He, being the God He is, will step aside and let you handle. But when you come to your senses, you will tell him, I give up. Then, will you see what God can do. He can take the pieces and carefully place them where they need to go. Stay prayed up and watch Him put that boy in line. Fast and commune with Him and see your finances start to percolate. Stay close with Him and see a change in your partner. But you have to give up.

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October 22, 2014

Wednesday's Word-"Hand Writing On The Wall"

Hand Writing on the Wall
Daniel 5:1, 4-6, 22-31

Show of hands...how many of us have at one point or another, put something ahead of God (Giving some of you time to think)? Now, be honest with yourselves...it's okay. I know we would like to think that we haven't...but we have at some point. Let me help you out...have you missed church for another function? What about neglecting Bible Study for a show on TV or a night out with some people? Maybe just the "I don't feel like going today" but go and wash the car or mow the lawn? Did I get everyone yet? Basically, we all have done it one time or another. 

Belshazzar took it a couple of steps further. Here is a second generation king. His father Nebuchadnezzar's pride was harden that he went crazy (verses 18-21). Now, instead of seeing and understanding what his father went through, Belshazzar took it to another level. He decided to have a party and take material things out of the temple to worship. Not only that, but invited everyone to follow his lead. Please don't let someone take you down the wrong path. While this is going on, the king sees a hand writing on the wall. I bet you he thought he had too much to drink. To see a human hand...just a hand, write? It scared him so, he didn't feel or act the same at the party since seeing that. He didn't know what it meant, his magicians and soothsayers couldn't comprehend; so he ended up talking with Daniel about the writing. Daniel told him that, his reign as king is over, and that he was a little off on the scales. The things he could have done, he didn't. Finally, Daniel told him that everything he valued (his kingdom) would be divided up between his enemies.

Points to Remember:
1 Stop praising unworthy things-why put your trust in something that can see, feel, hear, etc. you? God has the whole world in his hands and deserves and demands respect. Exodus 20:3, "Thou shall have no other gods before me" Praise the One that gave you the gifts, not the gifts.

2 Your attitude can predict your outcome- Humble yourself before God. He has given you all that you need. Don't think you are too high and mighty that you won't lose it. He wants us to be good stewards over our gifts. God, the giver can be God, the taker…watch your attitude

3 Don't let judgment come too soon, repent- Don't let your scale come up wanting. Meaning, do more with what you have. Understand that we are charged to do the will of God. Everyone has a specific task for the upkeep of the kingdom. Don't get so mighty that He can't use you. Don't let your spoils be given to someone else because you were "too good to do that". 

Judgment is coming for us all, one day. Will you be in good standings or will you come up short? Be careful of the hand writing on the wall.

Copyright 2014 Dwayne T. Moore @dtm_ministries
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October 21, 2014

Tuesday's Word-"Forget The Old Me"

Forget the Old Me
Mark 6:1-6

"You talking about Rod…man, isn't that Mary's boy…what does he know about…"

"You said who is preaching? Isn't that James' boy? No way…I remember him…"

"You know George's son is a doctor now? He used to get into so much…"

There are a couple of social sites the you can catch up with some family members, old friends, and classmates. Facebook, Twitter, etc. can put you in contact with people in a matter of seconds. Some will remember you for your antics as a youngster; other will remember your character or the people you were hanging with. Yet some, as with family members, will remember you by your parents and/or siblings. As you look at them now, compared to what they were, you will be amazed at what your friends are doing and where life has taken them. Some you would expect to be where they are and others, let's face it, you would have NEVER thought they would be at the point they are in life. We look at them and say, "you are doing WHAT?!?!" So were the sentiments of these people in this passage.

Jesus had just left the country of the Gardarenes where he cast out a legion of demons (Mark 5:1-15) and on the way to heal Jairus' daughter, healed a woman with a blood issue (Mark 5:22-43) and now He has decided to go home. What a joy to go home; all of the love that is expected. You get a chance to see old friends, reminiscence on some past times and just enjoy good company. Not only that, but you bring some of your "new" close friends home to show off the love you will receive. Well, imagine going home and there is no love…the people that knew you, have now turned their nose up to you. The love that you once experienced is now discord. He goes to the synagogue to teach and the people there look at Him in amazement. But this was not the amazement of the proud city to see the native son return with good intentions; this was the amazement of "how does He know all of this and how can He do the things he does…isn't He the carpenter" (vs 2-3). Jesus then says (paraphrased) a prophet will not be welcomed in his own land nor do marvelous things unless he lays hands on the sick and heal them (vs 4-5).

No matter what we do in life, we will be remembered by someone, something, or some place. Be it a parent, sibling, family member or friend; someone will connect us through something. Although they remember the connection, it naturally has a positive or negative spin on what they remembered and it will not change no matter how old you get. However, when you return home, you want to be received warmly. You don't know what life changes have brought to this person to make them see the world differently. Paul was one who persecuted saints, but was changed and became one of the chief authors of the New Testament. Imagine him going home and saying he is not the same person. 

 Points to Remember:
1. Everyone changes- no matter for the good or bad; change is going to happen in your life. 
2. Don't hold on to the "old person"- Let that rascal go. Had Jesus held on to the old person, would the woman caught in adultery been saved? Even better, if someone held on to the old you, what picture would they paint now?
3. Don't be so closed minded- Look at what the people missed out on because of their unbelief…how many blessings/miracles could have been done in His hometown had they not remembered Him as the carpenter? It was so bad, Jesus taught AROUND the city (v 6). 

I know some of you are saying, "who is he to tell us this…I remember him, he used to do…he used to go…now he is doing what...Isn't that what's his name son…what's her name's brother…doesn't he work for…".  Im not saying I am a prophet, but don't miss out on your blessings because you are seeing the old me.

Copyright 2014 Dwayne T. Moore @dtm_ministries
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October 20, 2014

Monday's Word-"Who's Encouraging Me"

Who's Encouraging Me?

I Samuel 30:1-8, 17
Key verse I Sam. 30:6

While riding one day I began to think of things that were going on in this world and thought about a Shirley Caesar song.  The song was about a woman who was on the verge of giving up, she said that before she would give up she was going to talk to the Lord.  As she began to think and tell the Lord about the different times He had made a way for her, before long she got up and said she was not going to give up.  I begin to think about the people that I converse with about life's situations, about not being where they want to be, not getting along with family or friends, etc., and how I offer words of encouragement.  Then I thought to myself, "I encourage a lot of people, but who is encouraging me?"  It's good to have people come to you with concerns or situations about life and it's even better when you can offer God's solutions.  But when it's your time to get "the Word", where are the people you gave it to?  Where is your encouragement?

David had been helping his people for a long time.  Earlier, he fought and killed Goliath (I Samuel 17:48,49), and defeated the Philistines (I Sam. 23:1-5), among other things.  At this time in the passage, David was living with the Philistines (the same people he defeated) in a city called Ziklag, given to him by Achish (I Sam. 27:1-6).  When the Philistines were plotting war with the Israelites, they didn't want their "new found friend", David, to join them and requested that he not be a part of the war.  The Philistines wanted him to leave their camp and return to Ziklag (I Sam. 29).  While on the third day of his journey home, the Amalekites invaded the city of Ziklag and burned it down taking all women and children as prisoners (I Sam. 30:1,2).  Can you imagine coming home from a long journey to find your city burned down and your family gone?  The men had lost everything…EVERYTHING they loved and owned, because of an attack on a defense-less city.  The men with David showed three actions usually associated with devastation.  The first is weeping.  Their wives, children, land, cattle, etc. was gone.  They had nothing to come home to…not even a home!!!  The men, "wept until they had no more power to weep," (Sam. 30:4).  The second was anger.  They were upset that someone had done this, especially, when they were not home, which brings up the third action, blame.  The men blamed David for what happened to their homes.  "If we were here, we would still have a home, wife, kids, etc."  They blamed David so much that they were talking about killing him (I Sam. 30:6).  I can hear David now, "after everything I've done for these people, everything I've said, they want to kill me.  I've done this and that, encouraged them but now they want to turn on me?"  But after David contemplated with things that were happening around him, the Bible says he "encouraged himself in the Lord his God," (I Sam. 30:6).  ENCOURAGED HIMSELF!!!

David wrote in Psalms 27:14, "Wait on the Lord:  be of good courage (that is "be encouraged"), and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord."  Sometimes, you can't get an encouraging word from anyone.  Everyone wants to give you his or her solution to your problem.  But if you be of GOOD COURAGE.  If you look to your left and see problems, you then look to your right and see trial and tribulations.  You look in front and see this mountain in front to you, and you want to give up.  Turn around and take a view of the mountaintop that you're on.  In other words, steal away for some quiet time and meditate on the places you were in and encourage yourself.  Think of the situations you were in and encourage yourself.  Think of the accidents and the sickness, think of the near misses and encourage yourself.  Instead of asking, "Who's encouraging me?"  I will now encourage myself…will join me?

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